True Time Delay (TTD) Devices
Morton Photonics (MP) first Optical True Time Delay (TTD) product is the Silicon Photonics MP-TTD-S1-XXX series of microresonator based time delay devices.  The MP-TTD-S1-XXX series  represents a breakthrough in optical time delay technology, providing broadband tunable delay, suitable for high spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) systems, and timing applications.  Each MP-TTD-S1 device includes 40 independently tuned microresonators coupled to an input/output waveguide.  These Silicon Photonics devices can provide TTD for Phased Array systems; Radar, Communications, Electronic Warfare, MMW Imaging, and Multi-Function Systems.

The state-of-the-art nanophotonic devices utilize MPs patented Balanced SCISSOR1 and Balanced Thermal Tuning2 concepts to provide broad bandwidth, tunable time delay with fast switching and no long term thermal transients.  The patented Separate Carrier Tuning3 concept provides 5x to 10x (Delay x BW) improvement in high frequency RF Photonic Systems.  The  patented Super Ring Approach5 provides high SFDR tunable delay of broad bandwidth signals with just two drive voltages, and provides the basis for increased delay.bandwidth product in practical systems.

Key Features
  • Broadband Tunable Time Delay1
  • Linear Device – No SFDR Degradation
  • Ultra-Low Loss for High SFDR Systems
  • Designed for High Optical Power Operation
  • Various Bandwidth Options; 5 – 100 GHz
  • Fast Thermal Tuning (down to 10 microseconds)
48 Pin Hermetic Butterfly Package
  • Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) and 10k Thermistor
  • Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fiber Pigtails
  • 48 Pin Ceramic Package, 0.05” Pin Spacing
  • Options for Tuning Speed/Power and Coupling Loss
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  4. Bandwidth is the -3dB point of the single microresonator delay versus frequency curve. Delta-Delay is at the peak of the delay.
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