Morton Photonics Inc
Morton Photonics (MP) develops advanced component and sub-system technologies for RF Photonics and future datacom / optical fiber communications systems, supporting both DoD and commercial markets.​​

Silicon Photonics devices and Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) are being developed to provide unique functionality for Phased Array Systems; containing low noise lasers, optical modulators, and optical time delay devces.  The linearized optical modulators are key devices for RF photonics systems, and to generate complex modulation formats in high speed digital systems.  High linearity analog systems are being developed through a combinaton of silicon photonics devices and MPs ultra-low-noise lasers (ULNL), moving to complete heterogeneous integration of full sub-systems.
High power ULNLs developed by MP provide the required ultra-low linewidth and relative intensity noise (RIN) for use in a broad range of optical sensing systems, to improve the SFDR in RF Photonics links, and to improve performance in coherent communications systems.   MPs hybrid integrated lasers take advantage of high performance MQW gain chips and custom fiber Bragg gratings in a novel cavity design - providing leading ULNL performance.  Current R&D is focused on a silicon photonics based fully integrated version of the ULNL.

Photonics R & D

MP completed prototype development of its hybrid integrated 1550nm ultra-low noise lasers, and is providing early customer access to the MP-ULNL-1550 devices through its licensing partner, Thorlabs, who are providing manufacturing and sales for the MP ULNL devices. For sales please contact Ed McCartin at Thorlabs:  [email protected]

  • RF Photonics Devices and Sub-systems
  • Optical Sensing Devices and Sub-systems
  • Hybrid Integrated Ultra-Low-Noise Lasers
  • Silicon Photonics Ultra-Low-Noise Lasers
  • Silicon Photonics Linearized Modulators
  • Silicon Photonics True-Time-Delay
  • Silicon Photoncs 'System on a Chip' (SOC)
  • True-Time-Delay Phased Array SOC